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RSS  Oodlies artwork by Joi Murugavell
Terry Beresford's Speedway Heart Racer
Tags: terry, gilbert, pBoy, dad, comedian, speedway fanatic, unplanned dismounts
RWC 2011
Tags: All Blacks, New Zealand, Rugby World Cup 2011, Humility, Spirit, Magic
Macintosh Meditation
Tags: Steve Jobs, rest, thanks
Moob Mouse
Tags: precious, Simon Cook, Nick Ellis, moobs, cheese, addiction, parting
The Olinimals (free eBook)
Tags: Free eBook, Olivia Housman, Birthday, Olinimals
This Is Serious Mum
Tags: public speaking, phobia, sarah wilson, tip
Conjoined Peanuts Join a Circus
Tags: society, circus, death, the uniform
Tags: vagina, Jo Joseph, blue walls, exercise, dolby
Dinosaur Dad
Tags: nicknames, asperges, aggravation, Jo Joseph
Extraterrestrial Stop and Chat
Tags: torture, stop and chat, curb your enthusiasm, introvert, small talk
Mouth Yoga
Tags: chatter, pain, ear drums, talk, torture, Larry David
Tags: words, slippery, stage, penguin, facebook, angst
Supportive Voices
Tags: voices, humour, CFS, gross, real, kind
The Cycle of Waking Up
Tags: renewal, crippling, fresh, awake, coxsackie virus
The Summer Job
Tags: nudie resort, brown stains, Matthew Mc Dougall
Two Angles
Tags: twitpic, bio hazard, food, Jamelia, Jayne, Justine, Jo