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Twist and Sprout

Jun 29th, 2015 Oodlies 1 min read

Oodlies = Oodles of doodles Odd lies we tell Twist and sprout Find your thingy diagram idea by Kevin Lyons


Luxe business cards on a doodling budget

Jun 16th, 2015 Oodlies 1 min read

Have you seen those Luxe business cards? they’re hot, sexy and stuff! But if you want 250 cards to cost $25, here’s what you may be able to do. 1) I got some cards from Vista Print, 350gsm, 250 cards (contact details on one side, blank on reverse) 2) Get some markers, paint or spray paint, create multi colour edges. This is not super perfect but if you’re…


The everywhere alien

Jun 9th, 2015 Oodlies 1 min read

I’ve lived in 4 different cities (Kuala Lumpur>Auckland>Melbourne>Sydney) and moved house nearly every 2 years in the last 15 years. It’s sometimes made me feel like an alien, everywhere. But when I sit with this thought, I don’t think it’s related to moving and living in different cities. It’s just the way I am, a little human, a little alien, because so much hasn’t been examined yet. Acrylic on large paper….

my old friend the blues

My old friend the blues

Jun 4th, 2015 Oodlies 1 min read

Just when every ray of hope was gone I should have known that you would come along I can’t believe I ever doubted you My old friend the blues Another lonely night, a nameless town If sleep don’t take me first, you’ll come around ‘Cause I know I can always count on you My old friend the blues Lovers leave and friends will let you…


My bipolar cousin and the agony of sympathy

May 15th, 2015 Oodlies 1 min read

To my bipolar cousin, so many of us are arrested and mesmerised by your colour the same colour that sometimes suffocates you and makes all that noise unbearable The irony of that lunatic, colour Let’s not name you, sympathy can so often be offensive. The lunatic is on the grass The lunatic is on the grass Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs Got to keep…


Dad planned on jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge

May 14th, 2015 Oodlies 3 min read

Marilynn: In San Francisco dad became depressed. Maybe it was the lack of family. Or because he wasn’t able to pursue a career as a mortician. He tried to find solace in drinking. Drunk, he called his brother. Dad planned on jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. My uncle kept dad on the phone and his wife ran to the neighbors house to use their…

missing brain

6 months later, my brain returned and I stopped sleeping

May 13th, 2015 Oodlies 1 min read

4 months ago (and 20 years) my brain was in Cremorne, this suburb on the Lower North Shore in Sydney. Initially I would go there for walks, I’d see it on the grass, it wouldn’t even look at me. Then slowly it grunted and once even made a phone call. 6 months later it returned and I stopped sleeping. Situation anonymous. This post is part…